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Sep 28, 2017 - 34 minute read

Pokemon diamante catena incontri rotta

Aipom and Buizel are battling in a field when Aipom deflects Buizel's Sonic Boom into an old stone tower, knocking it down. Then the skies darken and a Pokémon emerges from the ruined tower: Spiritomb flies off, causing havoc wherever it goes—first it wrecks Team Rocket's dinner, then it wrecks an entire village! One of the villagers is an old lady who knows this damage is the work of Spiritomb. Long, long ago, Spiritomb caused trouble for the bakeka incontri thieneù until an Aura Guardian and his Pikachu sealed Spiritomb inside a Hallowed Tower made of stone. That sounds an awful lot like the tower our heroes accidentally knocked down! Ash and his friends promise to make things right, they're approached by Team Rocket, who are disguised as psychics. They pretend to help calm Spiritomb down, but then spring a net over Pikachu and Spiritomb. Spiritomb blasts the net apart and chases down Team Rocket. But Meowth discovers that Spiritomb is really looking for revenge on the Aura Guardian who sealed it in the Tower. Meanwhile, our heroes need to stop Spiritomb, so they lure Team Rocket into a trap and Pokemon diamante catena incontri rotta is close behind. With Spiritomb pokemon diamante catena incontri rotta hot pursuit, Ash runs to the ruins of the Hallowed Tower, yet Spiritomb is too powerful to be sealed away. Pikachu is exhausted, but as clouds gather overhead, Ash gets an idea.

Pokemon diamante catena incontri rotta Action replay Pokemon Diamante en español

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Pokemon diamante catena incontri rotta

SUP MAEHN! Sono Poketonx! Sono qui su Youtube dal , anche se ho cominciato seriamente a fare video dal ma dettagli! Sono quello che alcuni chiama. Sign in now to see your channels and recommendations! Sign in. Watch Queue Queue. Nov 09,  · Solgaleo GX Gold! Pull of the century! Opening Collector CHEST PIKACHU & eevee Pokemon Pack opening! - Duration: Leonardo Jim C 23, views. Feb 02,  · vi farò vedere come mettere i trucchi in pokemonb diamante. SHINY MONTAGE! Pokemon Let's GO Pikachu and Eevee Epic Shiny Reactions and Funny Moments!

Pokemon diamante catena incontri rotta
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